Female swimmer with green cap swimming freestyle in ocean

Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is a fast-growing sport attracting the adventurous at heart.

At ELEMINT we are passionate about helping you transition from pool to open water, and to enhance your skills in this new and ever-changing environment. Once you’ve experienced the freedom and exhilaration of swimming in open water, it’s hard to go back!

We welcome all levels of swimmers from beginners to advanced.

Open Water Swimming Beginner Course

Have you dreamed of becoming an open water swimmer, but not sure where to start?

Our Beginner 8-week Course is the ideal introduction to build you up to a mile (1.6km) swim.

Follow our online training plan, or if you’re based in Cape Town you can join one of our courses that run throughout the summer months.


“The thought of going into cold and open water was more terrifying than the actual experience. When I got to learn how to tread water I felt more relaxed and I really enjoyed it.”

Beginner Course Participant

Cape Town Swimming Group

Already comfortable in the open water?

We offer guided swimming sessions in the oceans and dams of Cape Town, with a focus on safety, fun and team work.

Our swim season starts in August and runs throughout the summer until end of May, closing for two months over winter in June and July.

Find out more about our open water swimming group in Cape Town.

“It’s just something so great to look forward to in my week.”

Swim Group Member

Robben Island Swim Training

Do you have your mind set on a Robben Island Swim?

Our Advanced 12-Week Course will gear you up to swim from Robben Island to Big Bay (7.5km).

Follow our online training plan, or if you’re based in Cape Town you can join one of our advanced courses that run throughout the summer months.

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