Trail runners descending a path alongside a beautiful vineyard

Trail Running

Running though the forest, breathing in the fresh air, trail running is one of those activities that boosts not only your fitness, but your mental wellness too.

We welcome all levels of runners, from beginners to advanced.

Trail Running Beginner Course

If you’re new to running, or simply new to the trails, we offer a beginner course which includes an assessment and weekly group sessions, guided by an exercise professional. 

All ages are welcome, as long as you are healthy and injury free. You will need to complete a health screening form before taking part in any of the ELEMINT activities.

Cape Town Trail Running Group

If you’re looking for a fun, safe group to join, and can comfortably jog 5km, this option is for you.

Our trail group meets 2-3 times per week at various locations around Cape Town. Sessions vary from 5-10km in length, and include strength and conditioning to reduce the risk of injuries.

Our trail running group is based on a monthly membership.

“I live for my runs with Elemint!”

Trail Group Member

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