Starting Your Robben Island Swim Training

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Turning Your Robben Island Swim Dream into Reality

Have you ever dreamed of doing the Robben Island Swim or a similar long-distance open water event? Before you start your Robben Island Swim training, make sure you can tick off these 5 essentials.

1.       Passion

The number one requirement to take on this journey is passion; having the fire in your heart to achieve a goal unlike many others. During your Robben Island Swim training there will be times of pure bliss and times of challenge, but you can be sure that in the end it will be worth it. All you have to do is believe in yourself!


2.       Commitment

To achieve any goal, you need a plan. Your Robben Island Swim training plan should include 3-4 swim sessions per week, with both open water swimming and pool sessions focusing on technique. Additional strength and flexibility training is recommended to reduce the risk of injuries.


3.       Baseline Fitness Level

A solid foundation is needed to work your way toward success. If you’re new to swimming, give yourself a year to gradually build up distance. Once you’re comfortable swimming 2km in open water, we recommend following a structured 12-week training programme to prepare for your Robben Island Swim Goal.


4.       Exposure to Cold Water

The biggest challenge of the Robben Island Swim is to master the cold. You will be swimming from Robben Island to the mainland, a minimum distance of 7.5km in the cold Atlantic Ocean, in nothing but a costume, cap and goggles. The key is to gradually adapt your mind and body to the cold by frequent cold exposure. Start by taking a cold shower!


5.       A Community of Open Water Swimmers


And last but not least, what will get you across the “finish line” is your tribe of swimmers. Those who are crazy enough to be taking this journey with you will make up a major part of your support team.

Start your Robben Island Training Plan today!

ELEMINT offers online courses and outdoor training programmes in Cape Town to help you reach your swimming goals. 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and turn your Robben Island Swim dream into a reality.

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